Rules 2 – 10

So now that you have read rules 2 through to 9, ask yourself the following questions as if it is you are asking them. Answer the questions and find how well do you play according to the rules.



Does wisdom always comes as a result of getting older and having more life experience? Yes or No.


When we start out in life, we tend to make less mistakes then when we are older.


Should we be more flexible in the judging process when it comes to the mistakes being made.


What should you do, with what you have done wrong, and in return what was done wrongfully to you.


Accept Yourself. Is the author, by implication stating that who we are, is a definite and cannot be changed. Yes or No.


The decision to change, is the sole responsibility of the person who needs that change. True or false.


Which two things mentioned, would you regard as most important, and should be part of one’s life?


Dedicate your life to something. Tick next to the statements that best reflect the sentiments of what the author wish to state as being of importance.


Be flexible in your thinking. The author makes the following statement. If you stand your ground you are likely to be knocked about a bit. Which of the following best describe what you should do if you are a rules player.


Being knowledgeable about stuff other that what you need for work, will help you… /h4>


What does it mean to be on the side of the Angels and not the Beasts.


Would you say that life can be described as follows: