SASA – PUBLIC SCHOOLS 33A. Prohibition of Political Activities During School Time

33A. Prohibition of political activities during school time.

(1) No party-political activities may be conducted at a school during school time determined by the governing body of the school in terms of section 20 (1) ( f ).

(2) The party-political activities contemplated in subsection (1) include, but are not limited to

(a) campaigning;

(b) the conducting of rallies;

(c) the distribution of pamphlets and fliers; and

(d) the hanging or putting up of posters and banners.

(3) A member of a political party may not, for the purposes of conducting party-political activities, encroach on the school time.

(4) A school may not allow the display of material of a party-political nature on its premises unless such party-political material is related to the curriculum at the school. [S. 33A inserted by s. 11 of Act No. 15 of 2011.]


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    Does this mean one is prohibited to wear any political regalia if you work at a public school?


    Good day,

    I just need clarity on this.
    Wearing of political regalia to a school if employed at one.

    Thanking you in advance