SASA – PUBLIC SCHOOLS 33. Closure of Public Schools

33. Closure of public schools.

(1) The Member of the Executive Council may, by notice in the Provincial Gazette, close a public school.

(2) The Member of the Executive Council may not act under subsection (1) unless he or she has

(a) informed the governing body of the school of his or her intention so to act and his or her reasons therefor;

(b) granted the governing body of the school a reasonable opportunity to make representations to him or her in relation to such action;

(c) conducted a public hearing on reasonable notice, to enable the community to make representations to him or her in relation to such actions; and

(d) given due consideration to any such representations received.

(3) If a public school is closed in terms of subsection (1) all assets and liabilities of such school must, subject to the conditions of any donation, bequest or trust contemplated in section 37

(4), devolve on the State unless otherwise agreed between the Member of the Executive Council and the governing body of the school.


  • 1

    Can a district director and circuit manager decides to close a school

    Lemeko NW

    I am told by Circuit Manager that a school closes by the end of the year. Until now he has not informed the school governing body but the news are announced to the principal in the meeting. Does he has power to close the school. This decision is contrary to the decision of the head office relocate the school

    • admin

      A Circuit Manager has been mandated by the Authority delegated to him to be actively engage in the process of rationalization of schools. Because a school is also a juristic person on its own it stands to reason that the other one must look at the whole section related to the closure of schools. Their is always procedures and policies that govern such decisions.
      Schools have, according to the SASA the right to belong to an SGB association if it wishes to do so. It is best to involve them for council or to make representation to the District Director on the matter.

      Announcing that a school is to closed, is just the beginning of a long process. A process that will involve many stakeholders. Rationalization is however important in the bigger picture. To increase the effectiveness off the Department to serve schools and the communities they are in, this process is needed.