SASA -PUBLIC SCHOOLS 30. Committees of Governing Body

30. Committees of governing body.

(1) A governing body may

(a) establish committees, including an executive committee; and

(b) appoint persons who are not members of the governing body to such committees on grounds of expertise, but a member of the governing body must chair each committee.

(2) A governing body of an ordinary public school which provides education to learners with special education needs must establish a committee on special education needs.


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    Please list all the compulsory committees that a public school must have according to SASA!

    Bernard Mashao

    There are two schools that have merged and this year 2021 the post establishment as send by Department expects others to be declared in addition.The two schools have merged into a secondary school and the middle is to be officially closed by the 31st of March 2021. In 2020 grades 7’s were taken to local feeder primaries and some teachers went with them. Now other primary teachers refuse to leave citing that their learners grades 8 & 9 are at this Secondary school. This school is Technical secondary school that must complete its process of acquiring enough teachers who can teach technical subjects so that it becomes a fully fledged technical.Please help with advice!

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    Who is an accounting officer of a school?

    Hussein Kopole

    Kindly clarify this to remove doubt and confusion as some school principals understand this to be their responsibility,while on the other hand,treasurers take it to be their mandate

    • admin

      If their is discourse in the application of this part of the act, it would be advisable to bring your EDO to help clarify. The Principal is also a member of the Governing Body. So as you said he may make the decision to who he would like to see in these position but it has to be rectified by the SGB as a whole. If the SGB trust the Principal and they agree to allow him to create the necessary people to these position, he could do so. so yes their could be conflict. Bring in an expert to interpret the ACt so that everybody knows what the correct procedure should be. It is a fact that many of the roles and responsibilities overlap so iso tread lightly. The Act does say that it is the Principal’s duty to explain the regulations to the SGB.

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    Role of Finance officer


    What role does a finance officer play in relationship to the treasurer

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      The Finance officer or bursar must prepare the documents for signature to be signed by the Chairnan. The treasurer is the one who has to ensure that all docu.rnts are prepared for Auditi g and must work with the financial officer.

      In trexabsence of a financial officer the Princiosl has to appoint someone on his staff to do the task or take responsibility for it himself.
      It would not be wise to allow the treasured to be the finance officer as well.
      The treasurer has to oversee the finacial practices within the school.