SASA – PUBLIC SCHOOLS 21. Allocated Functions of Governing bodies.

21. Allocated functions of governing bodies.

(1) Subject to this Act, a governing body may apply to the Head of Department in writing to be allocated any of the following functions:

(a) To maintain and improve the school’s property, and buildings and grounds occupied by the school, including school hostels, if applicable;

(b) to determine the extra-mural curriculum of the school and the choice of subject options in terms of provincial curriculum policy;

(c) to purchase textbooks, educational materials or equipment for the school;

(d) to pay for services to the school;

(dA) to provide an adult basic education and training class or centre subject to any applicable law; or [Para. (dA) inserted by s. 10 (b) of Act No. 48 of 1999.]

(e) other functions consistent with this Act and any applicable provincial law.

(2) The Head of Department may refuse an application contemplated in subsection (1) only if the governing body concerned does not have the capacity to perform such function effectively.

(3) The Head of Department may approve such application unconditionally or subject to conditions.

(4) The decision of the Head of Department on such application must be conveyed in writing to the governing body concerned, giving reasons.

(5) Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Head of Department in terms of this section may appeal to the Member of the Executive Council.

(6) The Member of the Executive Council may, by notice in the Provincial Gazette, determine that some governing bodies may exercise one or more functions without making an application contemplated in subsection (1), if

(a) he or she is satisfied that the governing bodies concerned have the capacity to perform such function effectively; and

(b) there is a reasonable and equitable basis for doing so.


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    Sports coaches appointed at a government school


    If a sports coach has acted biased to my child and has been appointed by the government school, what process do I follow if the principal ia not supportive.


    • admin

      Sport falls under the jurisdiction of the SGB. The Principal has been delegated the responsibility to deal with all matters relating to the educational needs of the children in his school.

      So from an emotional point of view one must asked what effect has this so-called biased has had on the child and why would this biased have taken place. When the child and not the parent is one who declare this to be bias then it is a matter that the child need to discuss with his coach. If it us the parent who are this to be bias then a properly worded request for clarity on this matter must be based on the child’s emotional state because of the bias and not that of the parent alone. We all want what is best but we always have to clear on our own motives before addressing this problem.

      Dr John Maxwell wrote two books that can settle this.

      Sometimes you win and Sometimes you learn.

      Failing Forward

      Life may not always seem fair and it is important to not let this unfairness dictate our actions.

      Michael Jordan was not rated to become good at his sport but he did. Sometimes the failures can motivate and steer us to greater heights.

      There is no easy answer but to say that empathy must be paramount in resolving this matter.