Task 4 – The RBS Exercise

  1. Having read the Harvard article, Playing To Your Strengths, start to compile a list of people (about 4 or 5) who have had significant input into your life; husband / wife / older kids, your parents, teachers, close friends, your church minister / youth leader, your prof’s or lecturers, your work colleagues, or anyone else who knows you well and can give positive feedback about YOU.
  2. Craft an email / Whatsapp / message or prepare to speak, either face-to-face or over the phone, asking everyone on your list to share with you what strengths, positive attributes and qualities they have recognised in you over time and to, perhaps, give an example of when those strengths impacted on them or were meaningful to them; touched them or their families, friends or colleagues.
  3. Tell these people in your list to only focus on positive aspects – stay clear of weaknesses.
  4. Collect and make sense of the feedback; firstly identify the common strengths within you that are recognised by others – 3 to 4 strengths – then write them on the Module 4 worksheet.