Task 5 – Bring It All Together


1. So far in this module, you have considered, identified and noted the following:     

a) Those elements and characteristics in your life that you consider important – your values.

b) Your internal strengths – those attributes and strengths you know you possess – the VIA test

 c) Your external strengths – those positive traits within you that others have recognised – the RBS Exercise.

2. With the information that you have collected from all 3 areas above, carefully consider how you can include the common points into an overview / synopsis / account / summary of YOU. Otherwise known an a Personal Statement or Brand Statement. This is not a bullet-list but rather a written / prose paragraph; 4 to 5 sentences that explains

. . . . Who I am and what I stand for

Play around with the paragraph offline until you are satisfied with the wording then copy it to the Module 4 worksheet.

3.​Last thing – If you had to choose a few words that encapsulates who you are, how  you’d like to be thought of – what would those words be? A few examples to kick you off:

  • I am what I am – Sonny the Zebra
  • Attitude is everything! – Business CEORefusing to be ordinary – fashion designer
  • You’ll never walk alone – LiverpoolImpossible is nothing – Adidas
  • Think different – Apple
  • Be the change – Gandhi
  • Life’s good! – LG
  • You’re in good hands – consultant/advisor
  • Capturing special moments – photographerJust do it – Nike
  • Because you’re worth it – L’Oreal

Your life / brand slogan is always a work in progress – so make a start; craft your ‘bumper’ sticker and copy it onto the Worksheet.