Matron-on-Duty – 15:00

Ring the bell – End of Rest Time


  • All Children to leave their rooms and go outside of may go to the study hall to watch TV ,etc.
    • Noise levels inside as well as outside must bea at acceptable levels.
    • Hostels still has to adhere to municipal by-laws when it comes to noise levels especially where a large group is involved.
  • Learners must ask permission to watch TV.
    • The watching of TV programs must be age appropriate and is the Matron as well as the Teacher-on-Duty for the day responsible to ensure that this is enforced.
  • The Matron to take a walk through the hostel to make sure that all learners are out of their rooms.
    • This again is a not just a fruitless exercise but again helps with the maintaining of good order within the hostel environment.
  • During this time and up and till shower time visibility of the matron-on-duty is essential. 
    • Each hostel must have a proper First Aid Kit that is fully stocked at all times.
    • For every 50 people within a business one First Aider must be available at a Level One Qualification. 
    • Where there are mor than one First Aider it is recommended that one should have one level higher qualification.
  • During this time the Matron must keep a eye on the Kitchen and make sure that all preparations for supper is on track