Matron-on-Duty – 12:45

Returning from school


  • If a hostel is attached to a Primary school, this would be around the time that the Pre-Primary learners will be returning from school.
    • If need be the Matron-on-Duty to collect the learners from school or if the the school has a factotum, he could drop them off at the hostel in a school vehicle or bus. They will then get dressed for sport and return to school. They will be collected from school and return to the hostel ready for lunch.
    • The rest of the school will be returning back from school at 13:30. These time are more often for schools in rural areas where sport teams have to travel long distances for sporting commitments.
  • If the hostel is on or near the school, lunch break is sometimes during an extended break and and the end of the lunch break will return back to school for the remaining periods.



The early shift Matron will hand over the duties to the late shift Matron