Matron-on-Duty – 06:15

First Bell – Line up for breakfast


Stand in the foyer that leads into the Dining Hall or where the learners have to line up for breakfast.

  • The teacher on duty for the day to assist the Matron while the learners line-up.
  • Make sure that learners are properly dress and if not send them back to their room.
  • For the more senior boys, make sure that they are cleanly shaven.

Check that children are neatly dress and clean as they walk past you as the enter the Dining Room.

  • If a child is not neatly dressed or clean it is advised not to embarrass the child but to call him aside after breakfast so as to make him aware of the issue and to correct it.
  • Children with ADHD/ADD and who live in a hostel may be more prone to bullying as well because of it. They themselves may be a bully. Make allowance in your code conduct to deal with behavioral problems because of this. ODD in learners must also closely be monitored as to avoid conflict situations between Staff and Learners or Learners against Learner
  • Learners who do present problems in the hostel related to cleanliness, dress and punctuality must be brought under the attention of the Educator staff who may have knowledge of this disorder and will know how to correct such behaviour.

Check that general assistants have placed the breakfast on the tables before allowing the learners to lead into the dining room hall.

  • It is norm to have the assistants allocated to specific tables to assist the learners during breakfast.