Definition of Concepts

In this section we will be focusing on the following aspects.

  1. Development
  2. Maturation
  3. growth
  • In Video one we will explore the concept of development. In recent studies it has been found that children with ADHD can lag behind to up to three years in brain development. It is for this reason we need to understand the broader definition of developement of a child.
  • In Video two we will focus on the definition of maturation. In studies with children with ADHD, it was discovered that the introduction of certain stimulants, it over time will assist in the maturation of the brain to counter the lagging behind of brain developement. In this definition we will focus on the maturation process of the complete child.
  • In Video three we will look at the concept of growth. When comparing the brain of the ADHD child to that of a non-ADHD child, researchers has noted a difference in size. However, in this definition we will be concentrated on the whole groeth process of the child.