CAPS BS 11 TERM 4 WEEK 1 – 2 Team Dynamics and Conflict Management

TOPIC – Team dynamics and conflict management

• Description of team dynamics theories; use the to analyse specific business-based case studies
— Stages of team development/ building a team:
o Forming stage/getting to know each other
o Storming stage/true character starts to show/first round conflict
o Norming stage/settling and reconciliation
o Performing stage/working as a team towards the goal
— Team dynamics theories
o Belbin role theory (action-oriented role, people-oriented role, cerebral role)
o Insights based on Jungian theory
o MTR-I approach
o Margerison-McCann profiles
o Group consensus
— Conflict management
o Definition of conflict
o Causes of conflict in the business
o Definition of conflict management
o Conflict management theories – apply these to both individual and group scenarios (include workplace forums, strikes, trade unions, etc.)
o Conflict management skills to resolve differences in business situations (including workplace forums)
o The function of workplace forums (refer to trade unions)