CAPS BS 10 TERM 2 WEEK 1 – 2 Contemporary socio-economic issues

TOPIC – Contemporary Socio-economic Issues

Contemporary socioeconomic issues that impact on business
• Inequality and poverty – definitions and impacts
• Inclusivity – definition, aim of inclusivity, and efforts to create an inclusive workforce
• Unemployment and unproductive labour force
• HIV/Aids (a chronic blood disease) – its effect on the business, e.g. reduction of labour force due to HIV/Aids
• Gambling (include pyramid schemes, illegal gambling and money laundering)
• Piracy – illegal copying or reproduction of somebody’s product that affects businesses operations (include copyright, patent and trade marks – definition and meaning/relation to piracy)
• Counterfeiting/imitations and bootlegging(fake goods) – effect on business operations
• Strikes and political disturbances or labour disputes – include go-slows and lockouts
• Violence (e.g. caused by various forms of misunderstanding) – physical and emotional impact on the workforce, lowering
levels of productivity
• Crime (e.g. loss of goods due to theft, corruption, abuse, hijackings, burglaries, etc.)