Section 2 – Objects and Application of Act

(1) The objects of this Act are

(a) to protect an employee, whether in the private or the public sector, from beingsubjected to an occupational detriment on account of having made a protected disclosure; 25

(b) to provide for certain remedies in connection with any occupational detriment suffered on account of having made a protected disclosure; and

(c) to provide for procedures in terms of which an employee can, in a responsible manner, disclose information regarding improprieties by his or her employer,

(2) This Act applies to any protected disclosure made after the date on which this section comes into operation, irrespective of whether or not the impropriety concerned has occurred before or after the said date.

(3) Any provision in a contract of employment or other agreement between an employer and an employee is void in so far as it—

(a) purports to exclude any provision of this Act, including an agreement to refrain from instituting or continuing any proceedings under this Act or any proceedings for breach of contract; or
b)  (i) purports to preclude the employee; or (ii) has the effect of discouraging the employee, from making a protected disclosure.