Learning Management

In a country where access to Education comes at a high price, Leaddership Online training brings Education closer to communities. 

Any person with either a cellphone, tablet or computer can access the site remotely. As the site develops, more courses will be added.

There will be three plans for which a yearly fee will be charged. All the content under each plan will become available to the participant to learn from. Resources as attachment to lessons can be downloaded and be used for personal and professional use.

Access to individual courses will be found in on the main menu under Courses.

If you wish to buy a plan that will give you access to a wide range of Courses, go to Plans on the Main Menu.

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WooCommerce Integration

This site make use of WooCommerce and is integrated with PayPal.

Purchases of plans are made through the subscribe button and individual courses can be purchased by going to courses. Each course are situated under a specific category to make the search for specific courses easier.

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Personal User Profiles

The participants User Profile will show the participants, which courses has been purchased and the level of completion of each course.

Each participant can upload their photo to the site which will show up under the StudentWidget next to each course.

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Built-in Media Player

Using the sites Built-in Media Player

All content is being brought to the participant through Video lessons or Audio lessons.

Written content for reading purposes provide the knowledge to the participant to answer the quizzes embedded in each lesson where applicable.

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About LEadderSHIP

LEadderSHIP is a perfect theme for sharing and selling your knowledge online.

To become part of this growing trend in online training, please contact me through my www.leaddership.co.za Site.

Why Choose Us

  • User Progress and Course Ratings
  • Lesson Attachments and Questions
  • Self-hosted Audio and Video Player
  • Extended Personal User Profiles
  • WooCommerce Plugin Integration

From the Blog

Starting your Own Online Academy

www.leadership.co.za offers subscribers who are qualified educators the opportunity to create their own online courses for learners and students. For more information on this exciting opportunity, please contact me at jmtleaddership@gmail.com