Introduction to School Management

Manual 1 gives a brief overview of the background and functions of school governing bodies. It provides information on the way that school governing bodies should be structured, what their functions are, and discusses some of the key policies that you need to put in place.

This manual is an essential resource for new governing bodies and new members of governing bodies. It will also be useful for governing bodies that have been operating for a long time as it is an accessible reference guide to aspects of legislation which regulate the structure and functions of governing bodies. The information may help to answer some of the questions that your members have.

How to use these manuals 

As a reference tool

The manuals are designed to be an accessible reference for members of governing bodies. They have been written and designed so that citizens who are not experts, but who play a role in school governance can have their questions answered in a way that is easy to understand, and is applicable to their own situations.

Wherever possible, the approach that has been used features:

  • non-technical language;
  • a ‘frequently asked questions’ approach;
  • brief and straight-forward answers;
  • references throughout the text to legislation which applies to particular issues;
  • additional information and examples that will assist you to apply the information;
  • exercises which can be used by individuals or governing bodies to help consolidate information;
  • format and templates to help in carrying out various tasks;
  • a comprehensive index.

The approach in these manuals is specifically designed to help with immediate queries and to allow members to become familiar with governing body issues. For technical and legal matters it is essential that the manuals be read in conjunction with the relevant legislation, most of which can be found in the two volumes making up the ‘Operations manual for KwaZulu-Natal schools’ which is available in all schools.

As a training tool

The exercises adapted from the manual are designed to be used for training of new governing bodies and new members of governing bodies. Members can work through the exercises on their own, or as a group. Even members of governing bodies who are familiar with the information may find the exercises useful.
Some of them are based on case study examples or areas where there is often confusion or difficulty with putting the legislation and regulations into practice.

How is this manual designed?

This course is just the manual in a different form and still maintain the same format. A question which is often asked by members of school governing bodies is given. The question is answered directly below it. The answers are as brief and direct as possible. They usually explain what is required by law in a way that is easier to understand than the legislation itself.

Where there is information that is regulated by legislation, you will see a box like this.

This box will tell you where to find more information in another manual or part of this manual.